Animal trapper in Oakland County

We can get rid of any nuisance wildlife through many different techniques. Trapping and relocation is another service we have mastered. We can trap small animals or rodents like mice, squirrels, rats, shrews, and moles. We have also trapped many larger animals like raccoon's, skunks, opossums, coyotes, groundhogs and fox. However at Michigan Wildlife Solutions of Oakland County we do not always have to trap and relocate animals for a few reasons. Any animal caught within a county, must be relocated within the same county to prevent the spread of diseases. Our office is located within Oakland County, MI. We can will have your animals trapped and relocated if needed. Second reason we may not need to set traps in Oakland County, MI is to keep the cost down. Trapping animals requires several trips to re-bait and check the traps. With gas prices as high as they are it is not economical for us to drive as far as we do without charging high rates to our customers. Even though we do not always set traps we can still solve many of your nuisance wildlife problems.

Here Are Our Main Animal Trapping Services For Oakland County Michigan

Raccoon Trapping


Raccoons live in attics, fireplace, and under your deck. Raccoon nuisance concerns are destruction of your property.

Raccoon Removal Video

Groundhog Trapping in Oakland County Mi


Raccoons live in rock walls, under decks, and underneath sidewalks. Nuisance concerns are rock walls and sidewalks caving in.

Groundhog Removal Video

Skunk Removal Company in Oakland County MI


Skunks live under ground and often times under your deck. Nuisance concerns are rabies and the odor the spray when threatened.

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Other Animal Trapping Services

Nuisance Animal Trapping Strategies

  • Know what animal you are trapping

  • Find all entry points

  • Locate all food sources on the property (dog food, apples, nuts, pine cones, etc)

  • When is garbage night?

  • Use the right size trap

  • Check traps regularly

  • Relocate the animal with in the county you are trapping it approximately 20 miles away.

Even though Oakland County, MI is considered within of our trapping territory we take a different approach when getting rid of nuisance animals from your house or property. Below are a few scenarios where we can solve your problem with out having to set traps. Most companies will only set traps and relocate the animal. Here are the tactics we use to get rid of your nuisance animals.

There are skunks, raccoon's or groundhogs living underneath your deck

Our way: Install deck screening or a deck barrier around the perimeter of your deck and insert a one way door for the animal to leave, but not return.
Other way: Trapping and relocating animals. Sometimes this is the only way to remove your wildlife pest from your home. One problem with trapping is making sure there is always bait in the trap, the trap is set properly, and you are not trapping non targeted animals.

There are squirrels, rats, mice, or bats living in my attic

Our way: Live exclusion and prevention is the best way. The animals can get out, but not back in. We also use the multi-catch trap to save on trips and cost.
Other way: Setting multiple traps on the roof or in the attic. This involves several trips which can be very costly and less effective.

There are raccoon's in my attic or fireplace

Our way: We use raccoon eviction fluid. This is not a poison or chemical, but it elicits an instinctual biological reaction in the adult female raccoon to flee, and in the process move her young out of wherever she is currently dwelling. We use a rag or tennis ball soaked with raccoon eviction fluid to evict the raccoon.
Other way: Setting multiple traps in the attic or on the roof to remove the raccoon's. Trapping the mother raccoon away from her babies will end up killing the babies. This takes time and several trip to remove the raccoon's.

Having Trouble With Critters in Your Home?

We look forward to solving your nuisance wildlife matter!